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The only paid ads agency for eCom brands where you pay AFTER you get results.

How? We charge no upfront fees. We scale your business and charge a percentage of the ROAS that WE generate you. Only if the results are profitable.

Zero risk. Immediate results.

We make money if you do

PEAK is one of the very few (perhaps the only?) paid advertising agencies in the world that works 100% performance based. What does that mean? It means that we don't charge our clients a single penny until profitable results have been delivered.

When it comes down to business, we're huge on strategies that give everyone involved incentive to deliver the best results possible. A fixed fee would make us complacent, while working percentage based means we have to put in 100% effort everyday to ensure our own company is doing well, as well as yours. A win-win for every party involved.

We turn every $1 into $3 or more

At PEAK we remove the risky side of advertising, by ensuring that we turn every $1 into $3, $5, $7 or more. That's what we live for and relentlessly focus on since our company will be virtually nowhere if we wouldn't generate you profits.

In a nutshell: There is no downside/risk and we look for a very specific type of client to offer this to.

Maybe that’s you? Let’s chat and find out!

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Our secret

While other agencies focus on tons of different services, we religiously focus on one thing: Paid ads on Facebook and TikTok. Nothing else. Relentless focus on one thing is what makes us excel in what we do.

Client results

While we have to keep our clients confidential as long as they work with us (sidenote: we have a 100% retention rate so far), we'd love to give you some insights on the niches we work with and how we've transformed their businesses.

Activewear Brand (AUS)

Prior ROAS: 0.9 | New ROAS: 3.2

A brand that was on the fence of playing break even but had big potential to achieve big results. We changed their entire ad strategy, got to a profitable stage within 1.5 week and started scaling from there.

Skin Care Brand (worldwide)

Prior ROAS: 2.7 | New ROAS: 3.9

A thriving brand with good organic sales and a decent ROAS even before they came to us. We felt the results could be better though, so our team threw in some of that secret PEAK recipe to take this brand to the next level.

Diffuser Brand (FR, IT, NO, SE)

Prior ROAS: 2.1 | New ROAS: 4

A one-product store built around a trending product, but they couldn't manage to get it cracking with their previous agency. They came to us, we advised them on new creatives, set up some new campaigns and added in retargeting. The rest is history.

Nootropics Brand (US)

Prior ROAS: 1.8 | New ROAS: 3.1

While nootropics are a bit risky to advertise on Facebook, we managed to build a good strategy with this US based brand to still run and scale Facebook ads to a great level. Through our ads we brought them tons of recurring customers while we continue running ads to get new customers in.


In 2021 we've generated $72M+ (USD) in total sales for our clients.

54 brands

That we've scaled


Avg. monthly ad spend in 2021

Team of 7

Small dedicated team


Total sales in 2021



We're not here to work with just any E-commerce business. We carefully select who we work with and always limit our number of clients to ensure full dedication to each.


Can an agency get more confident than charging you AFTER you see results? We're extremely confident in our skills when it comes down to scaling E-commerce brands with paid traffic because of the experience we have.


The company is founded by 2 E-commerce veterans with over 11 years of combined E-commerce and paid ads experience. The entire team has been personally trained by our founders.


Working with us feels like you're working with friends. Friends that are extremely good with ads. The entire team will be very involved with your business, which is how we ensure outstanding results.

How we're killing the competition

Other Agencies

  • Charge multiple thousands upfront
  • Outsource your ads to random ''media buyers''
  • Can never guarantee results
  • Take weeks to launch you
  • Have 0 skin in the game
No upfront charges
Ads ran by in-house wizards
Ads live within 2 days
Results guaranteed
Years of experience


1. Schedule a call

Hop on a call with us, tell us about your business and we'll see if we're a good fit. If we think your business is not ready, we'll honestly tell you that we can't be of value as of now.

2. Get onboarded

If we've audited your store and all looks good, we'll go ahead and get you onboarded. We'll have another onboarding call, you'll get to know our team, and you'll be live in just 2 days (maximum).

3. Launch time

We'll run your ads and we'll make sure we get it to a profitable stage straight away. All went well? We'll charge you a small % of the revenue we generated you. This happens on the first of every month. No upfront payments.

4. Endless scaling!

All focus on leveling up every single month and taking your brand to new heights.